Respect Life Event-in-a-Box


Students for Life of America believes that all life is valuable and all lives matter from the moment of conception to the final breath. With the Respect Life Event-in-a-Box, this is the message we want to help you convey on your campus.

This box will help you take a deeper look into the devastation of abortion with descriptions of abortion procedures. Also included is information on how to talk about the well-being and life of the mother, because we know this is something that you are faced with opposition often.

Go to to find a Regional Coordinator in your area so you can get this box for FREE!

What’s Included:

  • Human Development Flyers
    • For students to vote on
  • Tabs
    • For students to vote with
  • 50 Is This Alive? Topic Cards
    • These will be used as outreach material. Hand them out to passerbys.
  • 10 Abortion. A Simple Procedure? Topic Cards
    • Outreach material to hand out on campus
  • 10 What About Fetal Abnormalities? Topic Cards
    • Outreach material to hand out on campus
  • 5-10 Baby Sock Donor Packets
    • Use these as another conversation starter to have on your table

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